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Painted effects, ranging from faux marble to fanciful murals can enhance public space. The examples shown here were done in schools, restaurants, churches, resorts, and military bases.


Faux marble columns
Plaster columns in a Miami hotel painted to match marble tile floor.
Faux marble columns in a hotel lobby
A wider view of the Miami hotel lobby.


Clouds painted on a ceiling over a pool
Clouds over a Coco Beach hotel pool.


Cartoon characters on a mural
Popeye and friends on a restaurant wall.


Mermaid mural on a playroom wall
The playroom of a resort.
Alligator mural on a classroom wall
An Alligator on a classroom wall.
Decorative painting on a bathroom sink
Special paint decorates a health spa sink.
Romans Road mural in a Presbyterian church
The Romans Road in a Presbyterian church.
Rocks and Flowers and Toys make a mural
In the dining room at Patrick AFB.
Tropical flowers painted on a wall
In the dining room at Patrick AFB.
Mural featuring woman with parasol
On a ladies room wall.