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Faux effects can simulate natural materials such as stone, marble, leather and suede.


Painted walls and furniture in a baby room
A baby's room.
Painted walls matcha comforter
In a girl's room, walls painted as the color inverse of the comforter.
Faux Palladian window
In the same girl's room, a faux Palladian window above the real window.
Mermaid on the wall of a playroom
The playroom of a resort.


Alligator on a classroom wall
An Alligator on a classroom wall.
Monkey on a branch
This monkey, plus other animals, matches a wallpaper border.
Painted animals match a wallpaper border
More animals in the wallpaper border.
Painted football player on a wall
A teenager's favorite player.
Painted grass and topiary on a nursery wall
Grass and a topiary grow in a nursery.