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Decorative painting enhances the beauty of any room. Faux textures can match natural substances like marble and suede. They can also match other decorative elements like fabrics and tiles. Murals can highlight themes ranging from the seaside to an airplane. You can watch the slideshow on this page for a fast overview of examples of my work. Or use the buttons on the left to see examples of a particular kind of work.


Bear Climbing Tree

Mountain cabin mural of a bear climbing a tree

Cabin Art - A bear climbing a tree

Bathroom Wall

Bathroom Wall

Painting on a bathroom wall

Woman with Parasol

Woman with Parasol

Mural of woman with parasol


Columns Covered in Vines

Columns and vines painted on a wall

Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle

Space shuttle mural


Painted Street Address

Painting with street address on an outside wall

Asian Dining Room

An Asian Dining Room

Wall painting in an Asian dining room

Faux Marble Dining Room

Faux Marble Dining Room

Faux painting in a dining room

Babys Room

A Baby's Room

Murals and painted furniture in a baby room


Bills's Diner

Mural featuring Bills Diner

Rock with Flowers

Mural of a Rock

Mural featuring large rock with flowers and dolls

Ceiling Palms

Palms on the Ceiling

Ceiling art mural with huge palms


Zinnia Garden

Mural featuring zinnias with a real wood fence



Mural featuring cartoon characters

Painted Table

Painted Table

Painted furniture - table and chairs


The images you see here are just a few examples of my work. I do custom artwork in the Melbourne, Florida area and throughout South Brevard County. I can work from a photograph, from a design you create, or from a design I create to fill your decorating needs.